Our Philosophy

Daniel Comboni Vocational Institute was started in response to the needs of the local population.

School Motto

“Improving by Hard Work, Learning by Doing”.


“Promotion of Skilled Training for Self Employment.”

Mission Statement

Daniel Comboni Vocational Institute is a Vocational Institute that trains Craftsmen and Technicians in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Metalwork, Motor Vehicle Technician, Electrical Installation, Carpentry and Joinery and Building and Concrete Practice. It provides educational and vocational opportunities to students, locally and nationally. The Institute is charged with the responsibility of forming candidates following Daniel Comboni Missionary’s ideal together with external students. This is to give a valid contribution to the church and society in Uganda. The Institute has the duty of producing good, responsible Christians, capable citizens and brothers. In other words, to have people who know what they are doing and what is, professionally well prepared, capable to contribute positively to the development of Uganda.

School Objectives

The Institute has the following objectives derived from the above mission:

  • To allow young Ugandans of different religions to be trained and get good professional knowledge in the available technical trades.
  • To provide scientific, mathematical and humanitarian foundation to enable the students handle competently the technical aspects of their trade.
  • To provide technical training leading to creating competent craftsmen/women and technicians.
  • To form self – reliant citizens thus becoming job creators and not job seekers.
  • To equip students with communication skills so that the knowledge acquired can be effectively shared with others.
  • To make students responsible and conscious of their role in making and developing of Christian society.

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